Famously Engaged

Three more sleeps till release day! I adore my new cover and am spending far too much time staring at it when I should be doing more constructive things. Life is interesting at the moment with everything happening at once. My book release is coinciding with school holidays, car trouble and moving house… and today (as an added bonus) I managed to lock myself outside! Breaking into my house without damaging anything was no mean feat, but I’m pleased to say that I aced it.

FamouslyEngaged-new templateI also managed to catch up with my dad, clean the house and cook dinner for friends. Tomorrow I’m helping to move a yacht. *gulp.

Wishing you the kind of calm existence I aspire to,

~ Robyn

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2 Responses to Famously Engaged

  1. Doreen Sullivan says:

    Oh wow, I love that new cover. Absolutely gorgeous. I’ve been hanging out for this novel of yours since its inception. Only a few more sleeps for me too.

    Best of luck with the yacht moving (!), and all of the madcap adventures you’re on, whether by choice or otherwise. Shooting you some calmness too (not that I’m known for my Zen-ness and more to the point, is calmness transferable?)

    All the best for release day.

    • Robyn Thomas says:

      Hi Doreen! Thanks re the new cover 🙂 It’s exciting to finally have this book release – it’s been around for a long time, huh?

      Matt’s yacht is out of our workshop and in the front yard and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much for sharing some calmness. I’m taking advantage of a small portion of it and ordering pizza for dinner instead of worrying about cooking anything.

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